Welcome to Distributor Connect

This matchmaking tool allows you to connect to relevant people or companies based on your distribution needs and interests.

To make the most of Distributor Connect, make sure you update your profile to help exhibitors find out more about your business and distribution requirements. Don't forget to include your company description and website address.

You are able to access 'Distributor Connect' as you selected to opt in to this service when you registered for the event. You can search exhibitors who are looking for new distribution partners.

Personalised recommendations have been made by matching your distribution requirements and interests, which you selected upon registering, with those of the exhibiting companies who are looking for new distribution opportunities.

You are also able to search for exhibitors based upon:

  • Ingredients & Raw Materials they offer
  • Finished Products / Dietary Supplements they offer
  • The regions exhibitors are looking to distribute products to
  • The types of outlet exhibitors want to distribute finished products to
  • The types of businesses that exhibitors want to distribute ingredients to

You can then contact exhibitors to start discussions before the event using the online contact service, within Distributor Connect.

When using the search functionality you can use the back button in your browser to get back to your previous page.

You have been given access to Visitor Connect or Distributor Connect as you opted in when registering for the event. If you would like to opt out of either service please email vitafoodscs@informa.com.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be able to reach out to distributors looking for products to distribute prior to the event based upon matching your needs, which you selected within your online exhibitor manual.

You are also able to search for distribution partners amongst the visitor audience based upon:

  • Ingredients & Raw Materials required by visitors
  • Finished Products / Dietary Supplements visitors are looking to distribute
  • The regions visitors distribute within
  • The types of outlet visitors distribute finished products to
  • The types of businesses that visitors distribute ingredients to

Want to take part in Distributor Connect? Contact the sales team to find out how you can access Distributor Connect and Search for new Distribution opportunities. Maria.Sidiropoulou@informa.com